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How it works

Currently available storage solutions based on the IPFS network require a high level of technical expertise to store and retrieve your data.  By eliminating these complexities and replacing them with  a simple, easy to use, front end user interface, we have made storing your data on our Network as easy as saving  a file on your computer or smart phone


Step 1

Log in

Open our web app on your PC or our mobile application on your smart phone or tablet to log in or sign up.

Step 2

Select your files

Start by choosing the file location (local or cloud storage). Next select a file or files by locating and then highlighting the file name.


Step 3


To begin uploading your file to our storage servers, make sure you have selected the proper files and then click the "Upload Now" Button.


Step 4

Now that your files have been uploaded to our storage servers, they will appear on the main page. To access a file, simply click on the desired file name from the application dashboard.

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