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 decentralized blockchain data storage



When designing our system, we set out to push the boundaries on what was possible with a decentralized storage solution. What we came up with is a true hybrid of tradition and innovation. 

We built the backbone of our system with a combination of hardware from established industry leaders and blockchain technology from industry leading innovators.

First we took the current IPFS storage solution and eliminated the need to upload or retrieve files through Lotus, the ecosystems current solution, giving it the ability to stream live data, and increasing upload speeds.

Next, we eliminated the need for any level of technical expertise with a simple, user friendly, drag and drop interface.

Then we added dual internet connections and a 5G backup to ensure you remain connected no matter what.

Finally we made it 100 percent green energy powered, and gave it an unprecedented 3 to 7 day battery /fuel cell backup. 

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